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Jul 26

New Beginnings on Death Row


prisoner behind bars

Excerpt from our latest print newsletter:

There are ten men on death row in Riverbend Maximum Prison here in Nashville, TN. These men are scheduled to die on or before October 7, 2014. Only three of them said they knew about Jesus.

Once a week a minister comes to my cell for prayer before he enters death row to visit. About three months ago, I sent three Art Mayse Bible bookmarks (from Lighthouse) with him. The following Tuesday he reported four saved men. Over a period of a month or more, he took ten Scripture prayer cards from Lighthouse and seven more Bible bookmarks.

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Oct 02

What Written Words Can Do


Missionary stories often involve answered prayers and brushes with death in foreign lands or starving children being fed. It’s easy to get an emotional response when you talk about preaching the Gospel to the uncivilized or saving the lives of children with bloated stomachs. These are vital missions, yet we can’t neglect the burden God has put on our hearts for the less-glamorous mission of the printed word.

We’re excited about written words at Lighthouse Publishing. Here’s why:

Written words let the reader live a thousand lives. Someone who reads books can learn a lot about other places, cultures, and people. Written words take us back in time and broaden our horizons far beyond what personal friendships can.

Written words never give up. A book or tract doesn’t need courage or perseverance to keep sharing it’s message. You can get angry at the message or throw it away, but written words relentlessly make their point.

Written words never change their mind. You can argue or disagree with what you read, but you can never change the “mind” of written words with debates. Through the Spirit of God working in the reader’s heart, this silent messenger can “win the argument” and bring the person to Christ or a better understanding of truth.

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Sep 05

Release Date: 01/25/2088


Until you experience it for yourself, it is impossible to know the anguish of heart that thousands feel right now. They’re locked up, separated from their family, helpless to undo the mess they’ve made, and full of remorse for what they’ve done. If the dreams and joys of normal life are snatched away, never to return until 2088 or beyond, it feels like forever.

Some are locked up for a short time and others for several lifetimes. It is staggering how many men and women have sentences stacked up against them that they can never hope to outlive.

A few have found the answer to true freedom in Jesus Christ. Multitudes more are sincerely seeking truth, sorting through the confusion of various religions. Some find the true path in Jesus Christ; others try to make sense of several different religions.

Thousands of prisoners have reached out to us in search of truth. In fact, they are still coming. The photo above represents just several days’ worth of mail from prisoners.

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Aug 01

Have You Surrendered Your Agenda?


Time is one of my greatest challenges when it comes to reaching my goals. One reason eternity is attractive to me is that we will have forever to do what needs to be done. While it helps to be realistic in setting goals, even organized and disciplined people can find themselves sliding in late on big projects.

In all the challenges of life, we can and must follow the example of Jesus Christ. He walked with the Father and never did a thing that displeased Him (John 8:29). Each day was too precious to waste. Instead of living life on His own terms, He based every goal, plan, and wish on His Father’s will. Is your agenda fully surrendered to the Father? It’s the only way to find rest in the pressure and demands of life in 2012.

We have set a goal as a team to prepare two issues of Loaves & Fishes beyond the current shipping edition. Our milestone for completion of the upcoming issue was set at May 10th. We set a reasonable timetable, but the realities of life interfered with our plans and we’re still working on wrapping that issue up. No doubt you’ve also experienced the frustration of missing a big deadline.

When unexpected needs come up and other priorities brush your plans aside, the only way to find peace is to surrender your agenda. When the battle is intense, the only safe way is to surrender your agenda and follow the orders of the Captain.

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