What Readers and Distributors Say

Here is a small sample of the letters we have received from prisoners and chaplains who read and distribute Loaves & Fishes magazine. It gives us courage to hear that the magazine is appreciated and bearing fruit in the Kingdom of God.

Justin Freeman Holmes Correctional Institution, Bonifay, FL

The first time I picked up Loaves & Fishes, it was impossible to put it down. Once I did, it left me thirsting for more!

Robert M. Cook, Jr. Valdosta Annex, Valdosta, GA

[Loaves & Fishes] inspired me so much that I turned my life over to Christ, and repented of my sins, and asked for forgiveness... I was enslaved by cigarettes, but I prayed everyday that God would take the habit away and by the grace of God He did! Amen! Now I'm smoke free. I would very much like to share Loaves & Fishes with my fellow inmates here, so they may turn their lives over to God as well.

Dan Marshall Estelle Unit, Huntsville, TX

Those pictures on the inside cover and back inside cover are beautiful and outstanding. I cried as I looked at each one for they both ministered so much to me. The issue was volume 8, issue 1, 2010. Thank you for sharing them. I won’t ever be the same after viewing them! May I have Loaves & Fishes sent to me? Thank you so much.

Kim R. Brown OCCC, Wheelwright, KY

This is a very informative, uplifting, and helpful book and I’d love to have one sent to me if at all possible.... Thank you so much, because I really got alot out of this one issue that covers anger.

Corey S. Robertson Omaha Correctional Center, Omaha, NE

It is so wonderful and refreshing to have access to publications that unashamedly share the truth (full strength, not watered down)!

Stephen Smith Sneads, FL

I have come back to Christ after 10 years of worldly pleasure. My room mate had one of your Loaves & Fishes magazines in his locker and I read it and now I’m hooked. I need a KJV Bible and as much Christian reading material that you can send. I love reading stories of prisoners such as myself share their testimonies.... I’m thirsty for whatever you can send.

Richard Manero SCI Forest, Marienville, PA

I was in awe reading the awesome stories and other testimonies. I read the issue over and over until I memorized it. It is a beautiful thing you do for the prison society. Would it be possible to ask that I can receive the issues that are distributed each year of Loaves & Fishes?

Mark Chapman Attica, NY

I have seen your fine publication here in Attica from time to time. It is very good—first class! Readable and attractive. Keep up the good work. It is the best publication I’ve seen.

Charles Young Lansing, KY

I’m a prisoner in Kansas and I ran across your booklet. I’ve really enjoyed it.... It has given me reason to get back into the Bible. I thank you for all you do.

G. Barrett Glover Chaplain WCI, Defuniak Springs, FL

Your publication has been very generous to our Chapel here at Walton Correctional Institution. We wanted to take the time out to say thank you for your effort, time, and expense involved in your donations and in the care of the incarcerated here and around the country.... We have made this magazine available to our men here at our Chapel and adjoining work camp. The magazine is a staple on our book shelves and loved by every one.