Jun 15

June 2022 Update: Issue #46 Shipped!


Summer is Here!

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights” (James 1:17a).

One of these good and perfect gifts from God is the season of summer. Not only is it a pleasant and beautiful time; it’s also a fruitful time of growth. We can endure the cold winters better knowing that summer will come. And here it is at last! Here in the Northeast, June weather is just as good as it gets. We look forward to the unfolding of beauty and fruitfulness in our lives and in our ministry, just as we see it occurring in the world around us. Praise God for His faithfulness.

Issue #46 Shipped

The bulk subscriptions of Loaves & Fishes issue #46 shipped on June 3. Single copies are going out this week. We are running about 4-6 weeks behind schedule due to a few weeks of waiting for funds to cover the cost of postage.

We prepared this mailing with a large group of over 40 volunteers working 3–4 hours. Thanks to everyone who has supported this printing and shipping project, which cost around $30,000.

As mentioned in our last newsletter, issue #46 is centered on the theme Jesus Christ. There is no message more central to Christianity and to our mission of making disciples. Jesus personally holds the answer to all our problems.

Issue #47 in Process

We are completing the content for issue #47, which will have the theme Salvation. It will be ready for editing soon. We look forward to shipping it later this year.

Bulk Mailing of Issue #46 at the USPS Distribution Center

Messages From Our Distributors

The backbone of our magazine distribution is the hundreds of prison chaplains and ministries who receive Loaves & Fishes in bulk and dispense them in prisons. Here is some of the feedback we receive from these dedicated men and women who minister to prisoners on a daily basis.

The inmates ask for this publication by name.
—Chaplain, Santa Fe, NM

Our Tehama County Jail inmates appreciate your work. They like the magazine.
—Chaplain, Red Bluff, CA

Men use it to pass difficult and lonely hours of incarceration.
—Chaplain, Columbia, SC

The inmates love receiving the booklets, and I believe some are now opening up to Christ and His teachings.
—Prison Outreach, San Bernardino, CA

The inmates look forward to each issue and share what they are studying with others.
—Chaplain, Mitchellville, IA

Many inmates have expressed how relevant the articles are, and the format and structure of the material is well put together.
—Chaplain, Victoria, VA

Our inmates ask for it regularly. We run out of every issue.
—Chaplain, Milledgeville, GA

I use the stories in your books to teach at times.
—Chaplain, Winchester, KY

It builds personal relationships between chaplain and inmates. The color format is well received by all but the most resistant.
—Chaplain, Anchorage, AK

Once again, I wish to thank all of our kind supporters for making it possible for us to spread the good news of Jesus and the Kingdom of God in the prisons of our nation.

Every dollar donated to our ministry typically provides for the publishing and distribution of 2–3 issues of our magazine. Even the smallest amount we receive is a blessing to someone!
—Mike Fisher, operations manager

Apr 06

April 2022 Update: Issue #46 Printing Now


We are happy to report that Loaves & Fishes issue #46 is currently being printed. We expect it to arrive in our warehouse within a week or two.

As with many other commodities, the cost of paper is rising, and our printer alerted us to have our files ready before April 1 in order to avoid the next increase. We were happy to be able to meet this deadline. We expect the shipment to arrive in April and hope to ship by the end of the month, funds permitting.

The theme of this issue is Jesus Christ. In the article “Behold, Your King!” Jordan Mast paints an inspiring portrait of Jesus’ life and mission. In a time of geopolitical turmoil, we think about national leaders more than usual. It is a good time to remember that Jesus is King. Jordan writes:

“There is no denying that Jesus is King. While some may argue that His kingdom is not for this time and this earth, we can see His banner over us, even now. No, it is not an order where we appoint world leaders to go and conquer under the sign of the cross. We can never justify violence in the name of Christ. The Kingdom of God is a community that receives its instructions from the Holy Spirit.”

To accompany our focus on Jesus, our science article for this issue is titled “Where Jesus Walked.” Andrew Zimmerman grounds the coming of Jesus in history, using archeological findings to help us understand the world in which Jesus chose to live and serve. Jesus, the Son of God, walked our streets, entered our buildings, and spoke to us.

What does this mean for prison inmates? Here are just a few things that this means for readers of our magazine: Our readers have a God to serve who lived among mankind. They have a role model, a teacher, and a redeemer in Jesus Christ. They can be forgiven of their sins because of His death and resurrection, live a transformed life by the power of His Spirit, and anticipate an eternal home in His presence when they die.

Your Support Makes the Difference

The cost for printing 89,000 copies of issue #46 is $20,000. At this time, we have funds to pay for the printing because of the generous donations we have received in the past several months. We expect postage costs to be approximately $9,000, so our goal is to raise that amount by the end of April. If the Lord provides the funds, we will be on schedule to meet our current goal of shipping three issues of Loaves & Fishes in 2022.

It is humbling to process the donations that come in to Lighthouse Publishing. Many of you are strangers to us, but rest assured, we feel a deep kinship with you in this ministry. It is your giving that makes our work possible.

Our goals are to serve God by fulfilling the commission given to us by Jesus, to serve prison inmates by giving them life-giving teaching based in God’s word, to serve prison ministries and staff by giving them free materials to aid their work, and to serve donors by putting their funds to work in a meaningful cause.

If you would, pray for God to open doors to expand the reach of Loaves & Fishes in prisons. The COVID-19 pandemic made it difficult for some of our distributors to get the magazines out, and we hope to see this change so that our message can reach as many as possible behind bars. Pray for new distributors to find our material and take advantage of the magazine.

Thanks for what you do, and God bless you.

From our Readers

“Thank you for this magazine I receive free of charge. I really enjoy the stories and poems. Many are a big source of encouragement.”
-Marita L. Hutchinson, Lowell Correctional Institution Annex, Ocala, FL

* * *

“I had to tell you how much your magazine has helped me with my journey to God and His Kingdom for eternity. As you can see by my return address, I am in prison here at Wende Correctional Facility in Alden NY.
“Being in prison I don’t have much money, but I wanted to send you this $5.00 to help out. Keep up the good work of the Lord. Please keep me on your mailing list. Thank you and God bless you all.
-Joseph A. Piserchia, Wende Correctional Facility, Alden, NY

* * *

“Hello! I hope this finds you and your family experiencing all of the Lord’s blessings. My reason for writing to you is I recently received my new subscription to Loaves and Fishes, which contained issues 31 and 32. This is so awesome. I love your publication. It has such great articles as well as testimonies and letters of encouragement from men and women across the country who are experiencing similar situations that I myself am going through.

“So I wanted to say thank you so very much. I also filled out the application for your Bible study courses of which I have already completed lessons one and two. Again, awesome!”
-Tommy Sigler, Pinellas Conty Jail, Clearwater, FL

Feb 08

Issue #45 Update & 2021 Reports


Issue #45 Shipped

Our human bodies are made up of many complex systems that we rarely think about. Without requiring conscious effort or thought, our heart pumps and the synapses of our nervous system fire away every moment of our lives. sometimes, however, something goes wrong that draws our attention to these vital processes. Similarly, logistics is a part of normal life that doesn’t draw much attention until it doesn’t work as it should!

We were delighted to see the shipment of issue #45 bulk subscriptions finally leave our warehouse on January 21. Due to delays in production and shipping availability, this issue was about a month late. We have since reached an arrangement with our local post office to deliver the bulk mail shipments directly to our regional USPS mail processing facility via a truck to which we have access.

This will eliminate the need for working with a third party on scheduling large shipments. Until now, we have depended on mail contractors to pick up the shipments at our warehouse. This change should mean that we can get our bulk subscriptions shipped a little more quickly going forward. Although this means we have to arrange a truck ourselves, we are glad to eliminate some of the shipping complications. Single copy subscriptions were mailed out earlier in the week. We deliver this presorted mailing directly to our local post office in mail trays.

We are grateful for the systems that help us deliver Loaves & Fishes magazine to our readers and distributors. We live in a fallen world, and our own bodies demonstrate this. But God is good to us, and we are grateful for the gift of life and the opportunity to provide another issue of the magazine to thousands of prison inmates.

Issue #46

Our next issue is nearing completion of the content creation stage. The theme will be Jesus Christ, and will focus on His life and example, teachings, and His roles as King and Intercessor. We would deeply appreciate your prayers and support for this project.

The cost of printing and shipping Loaves & Fishes issue #45 was around $27,250, or about 31¢ per copy with around 87,500 magazines shipped. Each issue represents challenges of effort and fundraising, and we thank all of you who generously remember us and the prisoners we serve.

Items Shipped in 2021

2021 Financial Report

Sep 17

August 2021 Update


Issue #44 has Shipped!

The beautiful world God fashioned for His glory is never more beautiful than in the summertime. We hope you are truly blessed and are experiencing the peace, joy, and power of God.

I’m several weeks late with the e-edition of our August newsletter. We are happy to report that issue #44 has shipped and is in the hands of our readers.

The theme of this issue is The Creation. Articles that will feature this theme include “Why Creation Makes Sense” and “Creation’s Purpose.” Puzzles include a “God Created You” word search and “Created by God” crossword puzzle.

We have been featuring a new column in the Free on the Inside section titled “Persevering in Prison.” It is written by an inmate with a goal of helping fellow believers successfully navigate their prison experience. In this issue, the column is titled “Communing With the Creator” and features helpful tips on meaningful personal devotional life behind bars.

Issue #45 Status

This content for issue #45 is in the process of being completed, and should be released to editing soon. We hope to ship it in December as funds allow.

We appreciate your support as we work on producing this third and final issue for the year. God bless all of our generous donors. Your thoughtfulness is truly inspiring.

Bulk Subscriptions

Our bulk circulation has dipped slightly since last printing due to automatically expiring subscriptions. Distributors, this is a reminder to check your mailing labels with each shipment to ensure your subscription is still current. You can also reach out to us any time and we will renew your subscription for another two years.

Spread the Word

If you have a friend or colleague who could benefit from our free magazines in their work in prison or jail, you can do them a service by recommending Loaves & Fishes magazine.

The easiest way to introduce someone to our magazine is to send them to our website at www.lighthousepublishing.org. Visitors to our website can request single copy subscriptions for themselves or someone else, and can also request bulk subscriptions via a simple form.

Our supporters care about reaching out to prison inmates who desire to grow in their faith in God. Distributors, we deeply appreciate your partnership, without which our mission would be much harder to accomplish.

From our Readers

The information in these books is some of the best I’ve ever read. I thank God He has pointed me in your direction. God Bless.

Steven Larion, Colquitt Co Jail, Moultrice, GA

Great magazine. I really enjoy its stories and word searches as well as the inspiring messages of so many people and testimonies. Keep up the good work. God bless Loaves and Fishes.

Randy Berry, Varner Unit, Grady, AR

Hello, my name is Rebecca and I am incarcerated at the Lockhart Unit in Texas, I was reading issue 25 of your Loaves and Fishes magazine. I would like to receive those if I may. The poems and articles touched my heart and I am sending some of the poems to my children who are young adults and am hoping and believing they will encourage them to change their lives and not end up in prison as I did. I feel free inside these walls and am looking forward to being free and sharing my faith with others and living a Christian life myself… Thank you.

Rebecca Guajardo, Lockhart Facility, Lockhart, TX

Distributor Feedback

I am writing from the chapel of Reconciliation at the Ellis Unit of the TDCJ on behalf of the Christian community… We have a growing community of believers returning to the church and to the lessons of their youth… and are in great need of devotional materials such as books, magazines, calendars, and Bible correspondence studies. If available we also need Spanish material. Please note, all items need to be donated because the chaplaincy does not have any funds to purchase these items.

Chaplain David Beaty, Ellis Unit, Huntsville, TX

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