New Beginnings on Death Row


Jul 26

prisoner behind bars

Excerpt from our latest print newsletter:

There are ten men on death row in Riverbend Maximum Prison here in Nashville, TN. These men are scheduled to die on or before October 7, 2014. Only three of them said they knew about Jesus.

Once a week a minister comes to my cell for prayer before he enters death row to visit. About three months ago, I sent three Art Mayse Bible bookmarks (from Lighthouse) with him. The following Tuesday he reported four saved men. Over a period of a month or more, he took ten Scripture prayer cards from Lighthouse and seven more Bible bookmarks.

He now reports that seven out of the ten are born again! All ten are still scheduled for execution as soon as the state can find a way to kill them. At this time, no other country will sell the US the poison needed for intravenous execution. Tennessee’s electric chair is being repaired from earlier this year when it caught fire and burned up with the man it was to electrocute.

Please pray for the prisoners on death row and for Godly guidance for the state officials. Thank you for all you have done. God is still on His throne and answers prayers. Souls are still being born again.


Art Mayse
DeBerry Special Needs Facility
Nashville, TN