Our Story

Much has happened since Lighthouse Publishing was founded by Darold Gingerich in the early 1990’s. But it all began when God called Darold into a new life in Christ and gave him a passion for the work of His kingdom. After his conversion, he attended a prison ministry with some of his friends and saw first-hand some of the needs in prison. He recognized the need for discipleship and literature to leave with the prisoners.

During this time Darold was inspired to publish a discipleship magazine especially for prisoners. He purchased some printing equipment and set up a small print shop in the bedroom of a mobile home office building.

Publishing a magazine is a little easier dreamed about than accomplished, and over the years Lighthouse Publishing turned into a small commercial print shop with a focus on printing Christian literature. We eventually also had a bookstore, sermon tape ministry, and gospel sign ministry.

Finally, four moves and ten years after the first inspiration, Loaves & Fishes magazine was born. We printed 3,300 copies of our introductory issue in 2002. It took a little promotion on our part in the beginning, but before long, word of mouth and copies being passed around generated awareness in dozens of prisons and jails around the country.

Today Lighthouse Publishing is tightly focused on publishing Christian literature for prisoners. Loaves & Fishes circulation is around 90,000, and we publish 2–4 issues a year as the funds are available.

We are looking for individuals, churches, and business owners who are willing to partner with us in giving chaplains and prison staff free copies of Loaves & Fishes to use in their outreach and to supply hungry souls in prison with solid, Biblical teaching.

Lighthouse Publishing is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and is a ministry of Hope Mennonite Fellowship, a network of 10 Mennonite congregations in Pennsylvania. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.