Release Date: 01/25/2088


Sep 05

Until you experience it for yourself, it is impossible to know the anguish of heart that thousands feel right now. They’re locked up, separated from their family, helpless to undo the mess they’ve made, and full of remorse for what they’ve done. If the dreams and joys of normal life are snatched away, never to return until 2088 or beyond, it feels like forever.

Some are locked up for a short time and others for several lifetimes. It is staggering how many men and women have sentences stacked up against them that they can never hope to outlive.

A few have found the answer to true freedom in Jesus Christ. Multitudes more are sincerely seeking truth, sorting through the confusion of various religions. Some find the true path in Jesus Christ; others try to make sense of several different religions.

Thousands of prisoners have reached out to us in search of truth. In fact, they are still coming. The photo above represents just several days’ worth of mail from prisoners.

When a person reaches out for help with an open heart, amazing things can happen by the power of God. Isn’t it exciting to play a role in leading someone to Jesus? To share a truth that will help someone find peace, overcome anger, or forgive a spouse?

It is special to me that God uses people to bring His grace—transforming, miracle-working grace—to hungry, open hearts. I am thrilled to be a part of such a ministry. How about you?

For the Kingdom,
Lavern Gingerich

Prisoner Feedback

All the Warmth I Needed
“I was in the hole and hurt beyond human conception. I had nothing to read and was cold with nothing around to keep warm. Something made me look under the bunk. Loaves & Fishes from that moment on was all the warmth I needed. God bless the people who make this book possible. Forever grateful.”
Ralph Fernandez • MCI Concord • Concord, MA

Made Me Give My Life to Christ
“Thank you for your wonderful booklet and ministry. I really look forward to receiving it. It has made me give my life to Christ. Keep up the good work.”
Anthony Garcia • OL Luther Unit • Navasota, TX

They Realize Others Remember Them
“The women like inspirational reading and love to read the reflections in your publications that draw us all closer to God. It means so much to the women when they realize others remember them.”
Mary Ann Collins, Chaplain • Bedford Hills, NY