Writer Guidelines

Do you have a testimony, poem, or other inspirational writing to share with our readers? To improve your chances of being published in Loaves & Fishes, please keep the following in mind:

  • If your poetry uses rhyme and rhythm, the rhyme and rhythm should be consistent throughout the poem.
  • The message of the writing should be clear and focused, not rambling from subject to subject.
  • The writing should be consistent with the truth of the Bible.
  • If you write your Christian testimony, it should not focus on your sinful past or your attempts at self-improvement, but on God’s redemptive work in your life.

We receive more submissions than we can use. Thoughtful attention to these guidelines will increase your chances of having your work published.

If you have a piece to submit, please send it to us for review:

Loaves & Fishes Editors
Lighthouse Publishing
PO Box 332
Bedford, PA 15522?

Note: We cannot return your material. Make a copy before you send it.