Have You Surrendered Your Agenda?


Aug 01

Time is one of my greatest challenges when it comes to reaching my goals. One reason eternity is attractive to me is that we will have forever to do what needs to be done. While it helps to be realistic in setting goals, even organized and disciplined people can find themselves sliding in late on big projects.

In all the challenges of life, we can and must follow the example of Jesus Christ. He walked with the Father and never did a thing that displeased Him (John 8:29). Each day was too precious to waste. Instead of living life on His own terms, He based every goal, plan, and wish on His Father’s will. Is your agenda fully surrendered to the Father? It’s the only way to find rest in the pressure and demands of life in 2012.

We have set a goal as a team to prepare two issues of Loaves & Fishes beyond the current shipping edition. Our milestone for completion of the upcoming issue was set at May 10th. We set a reasonable timetable, but the realities of life interfered with our plans and we’re still working on wrapping that issue up. No doubt you’ve also experienced the frustration of missing a big deadline.

When unexpected needs come up and other priorities brush your plans aside, the only way to find peace is to surrender your agenda. When the battle is intense, the only safe way is to surrender your agenda and follow the orders of the Captain.

Soon time will end and the things of earth won’t matter anymore. Are you investing in eternal things today? You may think, I’ll do that this winter. Or, Next year I’ll get to that project. I’ve learned it’s easy to make grand plans for the future. In fact, we tend to attach a spiritual status to lofty plans. But you have no promise of opportunity tomorrow—only this moment.
Do you always feel your life is too busy to take time for others? Mowing a friend’s grass, attending prayer meeting, taking time to listen to a hurting brother, studying for a devotional at church, visiting a prisoner?

When you surrender your agenda to God, you will see the busyness of life from a different perspective. When you release your tight grip on what you think should be done for yourself and open your schedule to those “other priorities” from the Father, your life will become rich with peace and joy and fulfillment. You will get more mileage out of your time because you are working with God and doing the things that please Him.

Let us all spend our time here as it pleases our Father. The rewards He has waiting for us are truly beyond our wildest imagination. I’d like to get in on that. What about you?

For the Kingdom,

Lavern Gingerich