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Mar 19

Breaking News: Upcoming Issue


Last month I told the story of how God provided the funds we needed to get Loaves & Fishes 11/01 on the road. Today we look forward to printing the next issue (11/02) and doing it all again!

This issue is filled with an interesting variety of stories, poems, articles, puzzles, and testimonies. Below is a cover shot and a few of the inside pages. It’s still not finalized, so a few things could change, but I wanted to give you a “sneak peek.”

Loaves Fishes 11/02 Cover

I really believe God helped us put this issue together, and I can’t wait to share it with prisoners across the USA. As soon as we get feedback from the reviewers and make all the final adjustments, we will be ready to start printing.

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Jul 03

The Value of One Eternal Soul

Inspiration , News

In Mark 5 we read of a demon-possessed man. All he knew was a wild, violent life. He was driven by a superhuman strength and a devilish bent to be with the dead.

Are you willing to give up earthly dreams for eternal ones?

When he met Jesus, the man came running and bowed down to Him. Jesus came to his rescue with compassion and love, commanding the devils to leave.

By the power of God, the man was transformed from self-abuse to peace, from exposure to restraint, and from insanity to a right mind. Praise God! What a marvelous change!

But that’s not the end of the story. One man’s gain was another man’s loss. Did you notice the devils were not barred from the earth? They moved—from a man’s body to a nearby herd of pigs. The man was restored and able to follow Christ. Legion overtook the herd and drove them down a steep cliff and into the lake.

Jesus knew the value of one eternal soul. A pig is good and created by God (yes, ribs are my favorite). Yet the value of one soul far exceeds the value of pigs. Jesus did not hesitate to give the devils permission to destroy them.

When the people heard what Jesus had done, they began to plead with Jesus to leave. In other words, “Get out of here and never return!” They valued their business more than this man’s soul.

How much do you value one eternal soul?

Are you willing to give up earthly dreams in light of eternal ones?

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Aug 16

Keeping You in the Loop


Loaves & Fishes Magazine

We are beginning to prepare the next issue of Loaves & Fishes. I had hoped to start before this, but have been very busy this year working on our “Resource Kit,” a packet of literature and resources for new or potential donors.

Now my mind and schedule is more clear to move ahead with the new issue, and just yesterday I sensed the Lord giving me another confirmation for the theme I was inspired to use earlier.

Please pray for Anthony and me as we seek the Lord’s direction and move ahead in this project.

Resource Kit

We’ve had some takers for our literature packets, which we have renamed to “Resource Kit.” If you can help us spread the word, we will be glad to send you either complete kits or individual pieces in the amount you can use.

We have the ministry presentation booklet, 3 Marks of an Effective Missionary, Loaves & Fishes samples, inspirational bookmarks, and more. These resources are available free of charge for the glory of God.

To order these resources, just send us an email and let us know what you can use.

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Jun 21

Ministry News and Prayer Requests

Loaves & Fishes , News

Non-Profit Postage Permit

As we said before, Lighthouse Publishing is now officially under our local church. Just recently, we finally were able to get a non-profit postage permit to mail at non-profit rates. This will save us several thousand dollars every time we do a presort mailing for the Loaves & Fishes single subscriptions! We will also save money on other presort mailings, such as the newsletter.

New Voice Mail System

Our old setup wasn’t recording complete messages anymore. If you left a message and never heard back from us, we are sincerely sorry. We’ve switched to a new voice mail system hosted with our phone company. It only costs $3/month and is just what we need.

New Bookkeeper

Esther has been responsible for the bookkeeping here for the last several years. With three little ones, it had become very difficult for her to keep doing it. The Lord is faithful and provided for this need also. We’ve hired Rosanne Gingerich, my sister, to be our new bookkeeper and cleaning lady. The carpet in my office is cleaner than it’s been in a long time. I think she deserves a raise already.

Next Issue of Loaves & Fishes Magazine

We have inspiration for the next issue of Loaves & Fishes and hope to start preparing it soon. Please pray for direction in this project.

We have close to $14,000 on hand. We’re not sure yet if we’ll print this one here or have someone else do it. If we outsource the printing, we could move ahead once we reach $20,000.

Project Goals

Our heart still beats with a vision of publishing Loaves & Fishes four times a year. We also see a huge opportunity to touch thousands of women with a magazine directed specifically toward mothers, wives, and single girls. Besides, we’ve had a vision for a Spanish version of Loaves & Fishes for years now.

However, we don’t feel clear launching into other projects until we can do at least 3 or 4 issues of Loaves & Fishes a year. Our main, and perhaps only, constraint is lack of funds.

We need wisdom in these decisions. Please pray for us that we could bring glory to God and expand His Kingdom with the donations of all our dear partners.

For the Kingdom,

Lavern Gingerich

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