Breaking News: Upcoming Issue


Mar 19

Last month I told the story of how God provided the funds we needed to get Loaves & Fishes 11/01 on the road. Today we look forward to printing the next issue (11/02) and doing it all again!

This issue is filled with an interesting variety of stories, poems, articles, puzzles, and testimonies. Below is a cover shot and a few of the inside pages. It’s still not finalized, so a few things could change, but I wanted to give you a “sneak peek.”

Loaves Fishes 11/02 Cover

I really believe God helped us put this issue together, and I can’t wait to share it with prisoners across the USA. As soon as we get feedback from the reviewers and make all the final adjustments, we will be ready to start printing.

We are planning to do around 93,000 copies and if the price hasn’t changed, the printing will cost us about $14,200. It looks like we have about half of that available so far.

Matt Feener (our new designer in Dublin, Georgia) did a great job with the inside pages and adds a fresh creative touch to the team. It’s been a big step forward in spreading out the work, and we are grateful for his help.




Here’s a fascinating letter from James, a prisoner:

“A year ago I got sentenced to 25 years in prison. I was always mad and upset at everyone that spoke to me! I really was mad at God because I never thought he would let anything like this happen to me! All I have heard was God is good, God is forgiving. Well, I really didn’t believe any of that, because I lost faith. Then one day I was sitting in my cell on the bed and this magazine slides under my door. And, it’s a Loaves and Fishes. I thought to myself, “Cool, a fishing book.” To my surprise, it was a Christian book. I was a little upset and threw it into my locker. A couple days have passed and I didn’t have anything to read, so I thought of Loaves and Fishes. So I figured, “Hey, it’s something to read!” But it was more than something to read. It was the key that unlocked the blinders that were blocking my view of the truth!

“After reading your book, I was touched and inspired by the stories that were in there. Some of the poems brought strong inspiration of what God can do. Now I am really attached to your book. It has brought me hope and light where there was none! Thank you! I also read in there about a free Bible. I could really use one. I believe it will bring me closer to God and an understanding of His love and forgiveness.”

We are thankful for the opportunity to visit James and many others like him with printed literature. Will you help us dump another truckload of literature into the prisons of the USA?

If you feel led to help, you can give online or send your gift in the mail:

Lighthouse Publishing
14377 Old State Highway 28
Pikeville, TN 37367

Let’s get the presses rolling! 🙂

For the Kingdom,

Lavern Gingerich