Nov 16

Who Can Afford the Pearl of Great Price?


Dear Friend,

Have you paid the price to enter the kingdom of heaven? Are you a serious disciple of Jesus Christ?

In Matthew 13, Jesus compared a person entering the kingdom of heaven to a merchant buying one beautiful pearl. This pearl was so valuable the merchant had to sell everything to afford this one pearl.

It takes nothing less than everything you have to follow Jesus Christ. He said, “Whoever of you does not forsake all that he has cannot be My disciple” (Luke 14:33). And “if anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me” (Matthew 16:24).

This then is the cost of following Jesus—everything. The money you have in the bank and in your pocket, your time, your house, your garage, your car, your wife, your children, and even yourself. When you become a disciple of Jesus Christ, everything becomes His!

This does not necessarily mean that you can’t use and enjoy material things here on the earth, but it means that Jesus is now the owner. You have no right to control your life any longer. It’s up to Him to say how your money is used and what kind of house you live in and what kind of truck you drive. Everything is His, and Jesus always makes decisions in the light of eternity.

So who can afford to purchase the pearl of great price and become a true disciple of Jesus Christ? The person who is willing to forsake everything. It is not how much we have that counts, but how much we give up for the kingdom of God.

Let us forsake everything as the poor widow who gave all her money to God and not as the religious folks who gave their extras to God (Mark 12:41–44). Jesus sits nearby watching. Will you forsake everything for Him? He invites you to an eternal inheritance that begins today and will only become more precious in the ages to come.

You Can Make a Difference!

We see an urgent need to publish Loaves & Fishes at least four times per year. For the last couple years, we have only been able to publish one issue a year because of lack of finances.

We are looking for 350 partners who are willing to give $1/day. If donations would increase by this amount, we think we could publish Loaves & Fishes four times per year.

Click here to help send Christian literature to hungry prisoners.

For Christ,

Lavern Gingerich

Oct 15

Loaves & Fishes Arrested and Sent off to Prison


As I wrote earlier, the Lord has supplied our need for postage to mail another printing of Loaves & Fishes! Thank you, friends, for all your help.

The postage to mail all the subscriptions this time was nearly $14,000. Many of them have headed off to prison already, and the rest are leaving within the next week, Lord willing. The postage is paid, and we have money left for ongoing expenses. Praise the Lord!

Our Burden

We truly desire to see Jesus Christ exalted in the prisons of the United States. The Lord has shown us hungry hearts in prison and an open door to speak into their lives through printed literature. We have a burden to publish another issue of Loaves & Fishes soon. Please pray for God’s leading and the finances to make it happen.

There are many obstacles in this ministry, so let’s all partner together in prayer for God’s kingdom to be built in the prisons. Pray for Satan’s power to be bound at Lighthouse, for finances to publish Loaves & Fishes four times a year, and for God’s presence with each booklet that goes forth.

For Christ,

Lavern Gingerich

Oct 07

Postage Money Arrived!


We desire to thank all our supporters and give praise and glory to the Lord for providing the money we need for postage to mail all the Loaves & Fishes subscriptions!

We’ve been busy printing address labels, binding books, ordering mail tubs and supplies, scheduling volunteers, and more. Our goal is to get all the subscriptions ready for the mail truck within a couple weeks.

Please pray for good progress in this project and safety as the magazines are mailed out to thousands of readers. We long to see Jesus Christ exalted in prisons all across the United States!

For Christ,

Lavern Gingerich

Oct 07

Loaves & Fishes Magazine Helps Prisoners Find Victory in Christ!


Here are a couple testimonials from readers of the Loaves & Fishes magazine:

“I really enjoy the testimonies in the booklet and the prayers. They have really hit my heart.… I did have sin I had not overcome and reading this story I was able to find that sin and get rid of it.”
Danny Saldaña • Hamilton Unit • Bryan, TX

“[Loaves & Fishes] inspired me so much that I turned my life over to Christ, and repented of my sins, and asked for forgiveness.…

“I was enslaved by cigarettes, but I prayed everyday that God would take the habit away—and by the grace of God He did! Amen!! Now I’m smoke free. I would very much like to share Loaves & Fishes with my fellow inmates here, so they may turn their lives over to God as well.”
Robert M. Cook, Jr. • Valdosta Annex • Valdosta, GA