Loaves & Fishes Out the Door!


Jan 28

Here’s a little update of what’s been happening with Loaves & Fishes.

Volunteers and Mailing

The Loaves & Fishes booklets were delivered here on January 12 from Carlisle Printing. My wife’s family came from New York to help prepare the booklets for mailing. In two days we were able to get all the quantity subscriptions boxed up and all the single subscriptions addressed and ready for the mail truck.

The Lord miraculously opened the door for the mail truck to take the entire mailing in one load the following day!

A Nice Upgrade

We bought a used address printer machine for $1,200 that prints addresses directly on the Loaves & Fishes single subscriptions. It eliminates the step of printing labels, is more efficient than our other machine, and does a much better print job. This machine is another answer to prayer!

Feedback From Chaplain John Sherman
(Travis County Jail • Austin, TX)

“Thanks a million for the Loaves & Fishes recently sent to the unit. I appreciate so very much your concern for the men who are incarcerated. Many of them are desperately trying to make a change. Many have found the power of God’s word and the encouragement through books and booklets like Loaves & Fishes.

“The quality and quantity are perfect. I put them out on tables in the back of our chapel. The men devour them. Most often they are gone within a couple of days.

“Thanks again for your labor of love. As you know we have no budget dollars whatsoever. That is why your gifts mean so much to us and the ministry that God has given to us here at Travis County State Jail.”

Prayer Requests

We are rejoicing that the Lord made it possible to publish another issue of Loaves & Fishes so quickly. Our goal is to continue printing one issue every three months as the Lord provides.

Please pray for funds to make this a reality in 2010 and for God’s leading as we prepare new issues for publication. Money is tight right now, but we trust the faithfulness of God and hope for your partnership with us in this work.

For Christ,
Lavern Gingerich
Loaves & Fishes, editor