Loaves & Fishes Issue #37 Mailing


Feb 13

On December 20, we processed the bulk mailing of the third issue of Loaves & Fishes for 2018. Around 20 volunteers from local churches helped with the mailing project. 117,000 copies were mailed out to bulk distributors, and about 2,500 to single subscribers. The cost of printing and mailing was about 24¢ per copy. We also ordered 10,000 extra copies for inventory, which we keep on hand to send out immediately to new subscribers.

The theme of our next issue is goodness, a fruit of the Spirit listed in Galatians 5. According to Vine’s Expository Dictionary of NT Words, goodness is not simply a quality, but indicates goodness in action. It is expressed in righteous deeds, showing itself in grace, tenderness, and compassion. Please pray that we can inspire our readers to embrace and practice the goodness of Jesus.

In this newsletter we’ve included a financial statement for 2018, and we are again grateful that God has provided the resources for this ministry through your generosity. The cost of printing the next issue is projected to be around $21,000, and postage about $9,500. At this time we have $8,000 on hand toward the next issue. We hope to be able to order the printing of issue 39 by mid-April.
—Mike Fisher, board member

“Loaves and Oreos” in 2,900
Gift Bags for Texas Prisoners!

For the last two years, Beltway Park Church in Abilene, Texas has used Loaves & Fishes in a special Christmas giving project for local prison inmates:

“Each year we provide Christmas bags to about 2,900 of our local brothers in white. In the bags, we put items such as toothpaste, soap, shampoo, Oreo cookies, ramen noodles, and some encouraging literature. Last year, we discovered your magazine,
specifically written for those who are in prison. The magazine was a huge hit last year, so we decided to see if we could make it happen again this year. In past years, we have given away books or small devotionals, but Loaves & Fishes provides a variety of articles written with the folks inside in mind.

“The Christmas bags are hand-delivered to the prisoners by a group of volunteers. We do this every year, and it has been a huge blessing to our brothers in white as well as those who are involved. A variety of local churches and businesses help support this

Beltway Park Church

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