Loaves & Fishes Issue #37 Preview

Loaves & Fishes

Dec 07

Dear supporters,

God has provided the means for us to distribute over 300,000 copies of Loaves & Fishes to prison inmates this year. We would like to thank you for your generous support of Lighthouse Publishing this year, without which our work would be impossible. We trust the Lord for a bountiful spiritual harvest from the seeds you have sown.

The creation of Loaves & Fishes issue 37 is near completion. This will be our third mailing this year, and will be the largest mailing we have done at 117,000 copies. Both the printing and shipping cost of mailing this issue are fully funded, and we will be able to mail it as soon as it arrives. 

With this issue, we are switching to full color for the magazine. This upgrade was available at a minimal cost, and we are happy for the increase in visual appeal for our readers.

We receive occasional pen pal requests from prison inmates, and we try to connect them with those who are willing to write to them. Currently we have need for penpals, especially men. If you can give your time in this way, please contact us, and we will put you in touch.

If you are inspired to give to the mission of Lighthouse Publishing and of providing Christian discipleship literature for prison inmates, please feel free do so here.

—Mike Fisher, board member