Issue 24 Mailing Update


Sep 22

In a recent email newsletter, we announced that we were able to print Loaves & Fishes Issue 24. This is a major milestone, especially since our publishing schedule has been extra slow the last while.

The books arrived at our facility in Bedford, PA last week (September 15). Our printing company does excellent work, and it always feels wonderful to actually page through a new issue after many hours of looking at it on the computer screen.

Two days after the books came, volunteers from our church plus Jimmy (who works in the mail room) and his wife came to prepare the mailing. Several people worked on the single subscriptions while the rest packed the box subscriptions. Most of the people were new to the mailing process; but it went smoothly, and we finished it all in one long evening!

The singles and bulk subscriptions are leaving this week. The postage for all the single subscriptions and bulk boxes together was some over $9,500. We were able to pay the postage with a little money left.

We needed 105,000 booklets to fill current subscriptions, so we printed 110,000 copies. (We always print about 5,000 extra for new orders between issues and for back issue inventory.)







Here is a summary of the subscriptions:
Bulk Subscriptions (83,017)
With Staples (69,353)
Without Staples – required in some prisons (13,664)
Singles (22,076)
Total Copies: 105,093

Thank you for making Issue 24 possible. I am very excited about this issue reaching thousands of prisoners in many prisons and jails around the country. Pray for these books as they travel to their destinations and as prisoners read them, that the message in them would lead people to God and His word!

For the Kingdom,

Lavern Gingerich
Lighthouse Publishing





Mailing Report

This report shows the items we distributed for free between the last two Loaves & Fishes issues from January 14 to September 19. This does not include tracts or the supporter newsletter.

Item Count
2014 Calendar 46
A Question That Demands an Answer 5
An Hour With George Mueller 634
Bookmark: Broken Bloody Pieces 280
Bookmark: Creations of God 161
Bookmark: Mother’s Day 158
Bookmark: Potter’s Clay 268
Bookmark: Pray for the Prisoners 200
Bookmark: Promise From God 159
In Search of Assurance 5
Loaves & Fishes 01/01 1
Loaves & Fishes 02/01 6
Loaves & Fishes 03/01 3
Loaves & Fishes 08/01 75
Loaves & Fishes 08/02 1
Loaves & Fishes 09/01 3
Loaves & Fishes 10/01 809
Loaves & Fishes 11/01 1,593
Loaves & Fishes 11/02 1,376
Loaves & Fishes 11/03 1,697
Loaves & Fishes Issue 23 1,934
Mr. Pegelow 50
Pilgrim’s Progress 6
Refrigerator Magnet 11
Resource Kit 17
Scripture Prayer Card 87
The Cure of Evil Speaking 20
The Mystery of Marriage 1
Total Pieces 9,606