Loaves & Fishes on the Road Again


Mar 01

February 2013 Loaves & Fishes Report 

I am in awe of God and His faithfulness. Just like the rainbow after the storm, the Lord’s kindness is refreshing and His promises sweet.
God has made it possible for another issue of Loaves & Fishes to hit the road! There were 30,000 individual subscriptions and 56,000 copies in boxes.Volunteers preparing the mailings

We really appreciated the willing help of volunteers from Woodbury, TN and our church here to prepare the mailings. It was a blessing to see how quickly we got it finished.

The postage for the box subscriptions cost $4,250 and the single subscriptions $4,410. We were getting ready to package the box subscriptions and didn’t yet have enough money to put postage on the boxes, but soon after I sent an email update, we got a pledge for $5,000 toward the project. We received it just in time to fill our postage meter and put postage on the boxes. Isn’t it amazing how God works?

Because of some complications in the bookkeeping office and a slim bank account, we had decided to put the presort mailing on a credit card until we get the funds arranged in a week or so. My dad went to the post office to take care of the payment so everything would be ready when the truck comes the next morning. But for some reason their system wouldn’t take the card! Then we learned they don’t accept credit cards on mailing permit accounts. Now what?Loaves & Fishes ready to ship

Later that day a $3,500 check showed up in the mail plus a bunch of other checks! Praise God!

I can’t tell you how helpful it is to have the funds to get these out on the scheduled day and have enough left for the daily operation of the ministry plus enough to start dreaming about the next issue and doing all this over again!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this issue.

Prayer Requests:

We are in a serious battle for the souls of men and women. Getting these booklets on the road is a major milestone, but their work has yet to begin.

  • Pray against Satan and his attempts to make these addresses undeliverable, burst open the boxes, confuse mailroom staff, or in some way keep these books from reaching the inmates.
  • Satan has trapped millions in sin and deadly addictions and they have no clue how to get free. Pray that the prisoners would have open hearts as they read Loaves & Fishes, and that lives would be changed.
  • Pray for Matt as he designs the next issue and for all of us that we could be inspired and creative as we wrap it up.

The printing cost of the next issue will probably be around $14,000. I will send you an update once we are about ready to start printing.

For the Kingdom,
Lavern Gingerich

PS. If you’d like to help us get the presses rolling again, send your gift to the address below.

Lighthouse Publishing
14377 Old State Highway 28
Pikeville, TN 37367