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Mar 30

What Readers Think About Loaves & Fishes


“Thank you for your generosity in providing the Loaves & Fishes publication to our institution. It is an excellent source of spiritual food for our inmates.”

Charles D. Kleiser, Chaplain Supervisor • Apalachee Correctional Institution

“Loaves & Fishes helped me to feel close to the Lord even when my hope was fading.”
Linda Vetterly, Aliquippa, PA

“The 450 Loaves & Fishes that we received on January 20th, 2009 are truly a blessing to the men here. Thank you for your faithfulness even in these difficult times. It is because of ministries such as yours that we are able to minister to almost 2,000 men here at Jackson Correctional Institution. Please continue to remember us in your prayers.

“Thank you again for your help on behalf of the men at Jackson Correctional Institution. We pray that the Lord will continue to bless you and your ministry.”
Ron Evans, Senior Chaplain, JCI, Malone, FL

“Thank you so much for your wonderful magazine. I always enjoy the stories and beautiful poems. And it helps my understanding and walk with Christ. Thank you.”
Nancy Wright, VSPW, Chowchilla, CA

“Many of the men are seeking to grow in the Lord. Your publication is a blessing to them. Again, thank you.”
William Ohl, Institutional Chaplaincy, SCI Mercer, Mercer, PA

“The women like inspirational reading and love to read the reflections in your magazine that draw us all closer to God. It means so much to the women when they realize others remember them.”
Mary Ann Collins, Chaplain, Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, Bedford Hills, NY

“I’m learning a lot with yall’s help…. I’m a recovering addict and this book is giving me so much inspiration to want to know more about God.”
Sebastiana Avalos, Lubbock County Jail, Lubbock, TX

“I really enjoy reading your magazine, the testimonies especially touch me, keeps me always looking up—not down.”
Joe Bowers, Tenn Colony, TX

“I got a copy of your book Loaves & Fishes from my cell mate in the box at Liberty C. I. Your book opened doors in my life that I might not have ever known existed…. Since then the blessings haven’t stopped. Thank you.”
R. W. Putty, Jr.