October 2022 Update


Oct 04

The Pandemic Is Over

In a recent interview, the President announced the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. While this is good news, nothing will undo many of the effects of the virus on our lives.

Most importantly, the loved ones we have lost are not coming back. We can only honor their memory and anticipate a joyful reunion with them in Heaven.

The economic disruptions are still not fully resolved. Some have lost their livelihood in the past several years. Others have had their jobs or businesses become much more stressful to maintain.

The health regulations that invaded our daily routines are in some cases still in place. For example, in the chapel at our county jail, I fear that the ugly wheeled plexiglass dividers separating groups of inmates from different cell blocks are there to stay.

The virus disrupted the ability of many of us to minister in prison. Normal volunteer work in our local jail only resumed several months ago; for two and a half years, no in-person church services could be held. Many distributors of Loaves & Fishes reported trouble getting the magazines out to their inmates.

Covid-19 is a scar on our memory. I doubt we will ever forget these days.

When Jesus walked with us, He brought physical healing on a small scale. The sick people of the towns and villages of Palestine experienced His miraculous touch. But not even all the sick in His time and place were likely healed, and few in other regions at the time even knew of Him.

What Jesus did bring on a large scale was spiritual healing. The entire world from His day and through all ages to come found deliverance and forgiveness from spiritual sickness and death. Our mission is to teach the world about the salvation that is to be found in Jesus.

And one day, on a grand scale, Jesus will end sickness and evil of every kind for those who serve and follow Him. There will be ultimate healing. We have a wonderful message to all those who are sick—whether with Covid-19 or with sin, that common malady of mankind.

That message is healing in Jesus for our soul and spirit now—with full and ultimate healing promised us in the life to come.

Issue 47 Status

Issue 47 will be in our warehouse soon. Our print quote for this issue was $24,000, nearly $6,000 over the cost of our last issue for a similar amount of copies (89,000). Inflation has hit the printing business, and this is reflected in this steep increase in our costs.

Additionally, we project a cost of about $10,000 to ship this issue. We are trusting in God to provide for yet another issue of Loaves & Fishes to reach our readers in prison.

Even with this increase, the production and shipping cost for this magazine project will be around 40¢ per copy. This means that each dollar donated reaches two prison inmates with a strong message of hope, biblical teaching for their lives, and the opportunity to hear from their fellow inmates about what Jesus means to them.

Thank you for your support, and God bless your work abundantly.

—Mike Fisher, operations manager

Responses From Chaplains and Prisoners

“I would like to start receiving Loaves and Fishes, I’ve had the pleasure of reading one through a friend. They are very inspiring and very soothing to the soul. May God bless Lighthouse and all of you. Thank you kindly.” John Coe, Century Correctional Institution, Century, FL
“Thank you all for your hard work in making Loaves and Fishes available to us on the inside free of charge full of inspiration and love. You are all in my prayers. I hope to continue receiving them, as well as view the website on the outside. I pray you all are kept in the Lord’s palm during these tough times. I send this note with much love and respect.” Deg Holman
“The inmates here have expressed their heartfelt thanks for your magazine. It is well received by our residents here, and we just wanted to send you a note of thanks and for you to keep up the good work that you are doing in ministry.” Michael Brown, Senior Chaplain, Broad River Correctional Center, Columbia, SC
“Your publications are highly anticipated and greatly appreciated. Thank you for the blessings of Loaves and Fishes. God bless you all.” Nancy Malone, Homestead Correctional Institution, Florida City, FL
“Last November was the first time I have ever seen Loaves and Fishes. I was so touched that I read every article in the book two or three times. I loved it. This the first time I have ever been in jail, and I truly feel that is God’s blessing that I am still alive and in jail. I am waiting at this time for a bed at SAF-P, a substance abuse treatment facility prison, where I will serve nine months for possession of a controlled substance and receive the help that I need. Also I would love to have more of your Loaves and Fishes issues. I would even love to have old issues. I just absolutely love Loaves and Fishes! Thanks! Kay Hutson, Childress, TX
“I found a copy of Loaves and Fishes under the stairs in my housing unit. After reading it I realized how much that I relate to everyone in it and would like to have a subscription for myself. Thank you for your time. Have a great day, and I hope to hear from you soon. Adam Benjamin, Henry Hill Correctional Center, Galesburg, IL