A Letter From Burning Bush Mennonite Church


Jun 04

About a year ago, our congregation first learned of the ministry of Lighthouse Publishing, and Loaves & Fishes magazine. Through a series of events, we were asked whether we would consider Lighthouse Publishing becoming a part of our church.

We learned to know Darold and Lavern Gingerich, and visited the Lighthouse facility in Pikeville, Tennessee. After discussion and prayer, we agreed to accept Lighthouse as a ministry of Burning Bush Mennonite Church. Today, Lighthouse Publishing is operating in a rented facility in our community in Bedford, Pennsylvania, and Lavern and his family have settled in here as well.

This has been a new and unique experience for our church, and we are still in the process of learning about the ministry. We are looking forward to the printing and mailing of the upcoming issue of Loaves & Fishes as an opportunity for our church family to get hands-on experience with the work of the ministry. We are aware that years of hard work, prayer, and cooperation have been invested in Lighthouse Publishing. Our hope is that, as we begin to participate, the vision of reaching prison inmates through literature will become our own. We also hope to involve other local churches in the packing and mailing process.

The role of BBMC up to this point has been to assume oversight of the ministry’s finances. We have appointed Seth Stoltzfus of our congregation to do the accounting. The funds from the sale of the Lighthouse Publishing facility in Tennessee are being held in an interest-bearing account, while the long term needs of the ministry are assessed. We concluded that renting a facility would be best for the time being. Our six-month rental agreement is $950/month, including utilities, for three suitable offices and three garage bays for warehouse and work space.

It has been inspiring to learn about the generosity of God’s people toward this ministry. We are keenly aware of the responsibility this places on the ministry and those overseeing it. One of our most important goals is to be careful stewards of the trust that you have placed in Lighthouse Publishing.

Razor Wire and Barbwire Tangled Over a Chain Link Fence

In this digital age, print media is losing its relevance as a way to communicate. However, the prison population is a segment of society that does not have access to the Internet or cell phones. Therefore, printed materials are likely to remain a prime way for God’s people to speak to men and women in our nation’s prisons.

With this, we welcome the ministry of Lighthouse Publishing to our congregation. We want to serve the Lord with you in bringing His Word to the hungry hearts in prison. Please support this work in prayer as we seek God’s wisdom for the best way forward. And thank you for your compassion to those in prison.

Michael Fisher
Burning Bush Mennonite Church


Loaves & Fishes Update

L&F 24, Cover

We would have liked to print and mail Issue 24 in April, but with the extra expenses of moving and renting a building, etc, and donations not coming in as quickly as we had hoped, it’s still waiting to be printed. The printing cost will be at least $16,000 and we have close to $10,000 on hand. If you feel led to help us get this issue printed, click here to give online or mail your donation to the address below. Most of all, pray for wisdom and the leading of God’s Spirit as we continue to publish new issues.

Lighthouse Publishing
PO Box 332
Bedford, PA 15522

Comments From Chaplains

“Here at Dayton Correctional we have over 900 women and they love Loaves and Fishes. It is one of their favorite publications.”

Chaplain John Tate  Dayton Correctional Institution  Dayton, OH


“Each copy flies off the chapel literature rack! Over the years many inmates have commented to me on articles they have read.”

Chaplain David Miller  Putnam Correctional Institution  East Palatka, FL


Loaves and Fishes is always a big one here and a box of 150 just evaporates. Can you send me 2 boxes please? We really appreciate you guys.”

Jack Twombly  Apalachee Correctional Institution  Sneads, FL


“Congratulations on an outstanding magazine. It is highly sought after here. Thanks so much for your work.”

Chaplain Joseph Schwab  Jefferson Correctional Institution  Monticello, FL


“My box of 50 usually disappear in the first serving! The men love them.”

Chaplain Palma Chandler  Moss Point, MS


“It is a great resource that is really done well, and I can tell it is done with the prisoner in mind. We really appreciate the publication.”

Chaplain Trent Boyd • York County Jail  Alfred, ME