Inspiring Talks With Chaplains…


Mar 25

The time is nearing for us to say goodbye to all that is familiar and called home. Since the sale of the property it has been a scramble of packing, cleaning out corners, and trying to keep the office work current.

I have been calling our larger Loaves & Fishes distributors and getting some feedback, as well as setting some guidelines for the single subscriptions in the prisons. It is hard to keep up with the large amount of prisoners that are on the move, so we are making some changes which will curb the amount of new single subscriptions where there is a chaplain that is able to supply the books to the prisoners.

We really covet your prayers as we try to work through all of this. In spite of the challenges, it has been an exciting journey to call many chaplains and to hear their testimonies. They all seem to be genuinely grateful for Loaves & Fishes. Most of them ask if we could please send them more than what they’ve been getting.

Yesterday I talked with a volunteer prison chaplain who works in the Chicago area. He told me there are more than 10,000 people behind bars in that area, and the doors are open for more people to get involved in prison ministry. He is a big help in getting Loaves & Fishes into prison with a subscription of 2,700 copies.

We are deeply grateful to you for helping to make all this happen. We simply couldn’t reach out to the thousands behind bars without you; neither could we cover so many prisons if it were not for chaplains and others who help us distribute Loaves & Fishes. May God richly bless you for your diligence.

As the prison population grows, so does the need. Let us make at least a small difference each day.



Darold Gingerich
Lighthouse Publishing



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