Mailing of Issue 23


Jan 23

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Lighthouse Publishing for the time, love, care, and effort they put into our lives… If it were not for Loaves and Fishes, I believe I would still be lost. My love and thanks.”
Joshua Dyal Jenkins • Correctional Center • Millen, GA

Issue 23 hit the road last week. My family (local) and volunteers from Woodbury came on Tuesday of last week (January 14) to prepare the mailings. The mail truck came the next day to pick up all the orders. As promised, here are some photos of the mailing.

These booklets are arriving in thousands of prison cells, libraries, and chapels across our nation. Pray for safe “travels” and open hearts to receive the word of God.

If you are not subscribed and would like to see this issue, feel free to reply and ask for a copy (or subscription). Or you can click here to download it in PDF format.

For the Kingdom,

Lavern Gingerich
Lighthouse Publishing




The Books Arrive on Skids


Printing Postage


Filling Boxes


Packaged and Ready to Mail


Printing Single Subscriptions and Putting Them in Trays


Coffee  🙂


Banding Calendars
We do a bookmark style calendar each year and put a small pack in each box.


Lots of Tape


And Energy