The Power of the Printed Page


Dec 17

“It’s always a challenge to find sources where we can turn to help us, as we do rely largely on organizations such as yours for donations, and the magazine Loaves and Fishes is a very welcome addition, and will be put to good use.”  —Chaplain Niles Behrens, EDC, Eloy AZ

I just finished unloading six pallets of the new issue of Loaves & Fishes magazine, and was again reminded of the power of the printed page. Here we have 99,500 books, neatly boxed and ready to be processed into mail tubs and different sized boxes and mailed. These little preachers are ready to take their message to all who will read. The message will not be silent or change regardless of how much someone hates it, stomps on it, spits on it, rips it in two, or crumples it into a ball. Even burning a book is not too easy. You need a very hot fire to totally destroy a book.

This reminds us to be careful as we choose material for each new issue of Loaves & Fishes. It may be a long time before all 99,500 copies stop “preaching their sermon” and it’s impossible for us to retrieve them.

Using modern communication that reaches around the globe within seconds, we can easily forget the power of the old fashioned printed page. It’s especially useful in prison, where people don’t have access to so much technology.

Another powerful tool in connecting with prisoners is handwritten letters. In the absence of text messaging and email, handwritten letters are very precious, especially to those who hardly ever hear from their family and friends. For less then the cost of a cup of coffee you could make someone’s day special with a little paper and ink.

If you would like to help us get these books shipped into the prisons, see the update below. If you would like to write to a prisoner, reply to this email and we’ll help you get started.


Darold Gingerich
Lighthouse Publishing





Update on the New Issue of Loaves & Fishes

The new issue of Loaves & Fishes magazine is here! We had hoped to mail these in December, but right now we only have enough funds to maintain our overhead and the postage will cost around $8,500.

Want a sneek peek? Download the new issue here.

If you’d like to help us get this issue out the door, click here to give online or send your donation to the address below:

Lighthouse Publishing
PO Box 332
Bedford, PA 15522

Checks must be payable to Burning Bush Mennonite Church.