6,541 Zip Codes?


Dec 09

“Thank you for the free membership of the Loaves and Fishes. I think it is great. I can’t wait to read another one and then pass it on to others.”  —Bruce Neal

Loaves & Fishes Subscriber Facts

Zip Codes where Loaves and Fishes are sent

Each pin on the map is a zip code we mail to.

  • Issues Published: 22
  • Copies Published: 1.2 million
  • Copies of Last Issue: 91,000
  • Box Subscribers: 400
  • Single Subscribers: 28,000
  • 5-digit Zip Codes: 6,541
  • States of the US: 50

As we mentioned earlier this week, we’ve published three issues this year and the fourth one is arriving from the printers shortly. All we lack is the postage funds to get them sent this month. The postage will cost us $8,500 and we are still lacking most of this.

You can help us get four issues into the prisons this year. Click here to give online or send your donation to the address below:

Lighthouse Publishing
14377 Old State Highway 28
Pikeville, TN 37367

For the Kingdom,

Lavern Gingerich
Lighthouse Publishing