Something Better Than Pumpkin Pie


Nov 22


Thanksgiving Day is always a special day for us with relaxing family time and great food—turkey, dressing, potatoes, and the whole works. Delicious and wonderful as it is, there is something even better than smoked turkey and pumpkin pie.

The Apostle Paul put a lot of effort and time into winning people to the Lord and starting churches. The people he prayed for daily and risked his life for, became his joy and crown, his boasting in the day of the Lord Jesus (1 Corinthians 1:14).

That’s a little how I feel when I hear of progress and transformation in prisoners who read the Loaves & Fishes magazine. It will be bliss seeing Jesus in heaven, but the thought of meeting those I helped along the way—my joy and crown—is thrilling to me.

No, a Thanksgiving dinner does not compare to the joy of hearing others are encouraged and strengthened because of the literature we sent them.

We frequently get letters from chaplains who are deeply grateful for Loaves & Fishes magazine and the advantage it gives them in their work. I’ve presented a few of those letters plus a request from a homeless woman whose husband is in jail in below. I thought you’d appreciate their grateful attitude.

Thank you for your support in this work. May the collection of letters  inspire you to adopt the prisoners of the USA as your joy and crown.

For the Kingdom,

Lavern Gingerich


My name is Kay Bernstein, I am a volunteer chaplain under Senior Chaplain Robert Lee at Twin Towers Correctional Facility. We house over 12,000 inmates and are serving almost 700 female inmates. We are in desperate need of materials for the inmates and are hoping that you would be able to begin to send out the Loaves & Fishes booklet to us.
Can you please contact me and let me know if we might be able to subscribe to your teaching materials? Thank you so very much for your consideration and generous donations to the Lord’s ministry at Twin Towers. If at all possible, may we please receive at least 100–200 copies?

Twin Towers Correctional Facility • Los Angeles, CA


My husband is locked up in jail right now. We are Christians and he had lost his way. He is trying
to get back on track with the grace of God. He needs all the Christian reading he can get. I was
hoping you guys could send him some of your Christian magazines. Also because of the situation
and he getting locked up, I ended up homeless. I am now at a great Christian program for a year.
We have a lot of ladies here that would enjoy and benefit from your reading materials. If you can’t
send a bunch maybe you can just send me a couple and I can share them with the ladies. Thank
you and God bless.

San Diego, CA


I have always appreciated your free discipleship magazine, Loaves and Fishes, as a powerful
tool to reach out to incarcerated men and women over the past few years as I ministered at Ross
Correctional Institution. We have over 1,500 men at this maximum security facility. The majority
of the inmates cannot come to the chapel for services and programs because of their security level,
and therefore, reading materials are some of the few options we have to help them make positive
changes in their lives.
Please send us about 300 copies of the said magazine if possible at all. Your generosity will
always be appreciated.

Southern Ohio Correctional Facility • Lucasville, OH


Thank you so much for your ministry. I appreciate your articles and I value your work. Please
continue to prove productive for the Lord’s ministry.
Loaves & Fishes is without a doubt the one with the deepest insights into the Word of God I have
ever encountered. Thank you. In our church we have a community of 100 Spanish speakers, and
we need Loaves & Fishes in Spanish.

Green Haven Correctional Facility • Stormville, NY


I want to sincerely thank you for sending the latest publication of Loaves and Fishes and also
the calendars. Your support of my ministry is more appreciated than I am able to express. It is a
constant struggle to be able to provide spiritual materials for the inmates who number upwards of
4,000. Your generosity does not go unnoticed and is greatly appreciated.

Central California Women’s Facility • Chowchilla, CA