Are You Busy in the Mission Field of America?


Mar 28

Sad WomanRecently, I took a little time to read a few of the prisoner letters in the mailroom. I was reminded of how badly sin destroys people.

People are confused and misled by the thousands. There are countless broken families and marriages. Husbands are frustrated. Wives are broken-hearted. And children are crying. Many who are seeking God have nothing more than a foggy idea of truth and a strange concept of God.

Of course, many people in prison are serious about walking with God and God’s grace is very evident in their lives. The fault is not the prison. The prison system simply filters out men and women who are at a low point.

The prisons in America are a ripe mission field. Few people in the free world are truly ready for change. Tens of thousands in the prisons are hungry for us to speak into their lives.

It is our responsibility to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and make disciples in prison. The night is coming. Who will serve these masses in prison who receive and appreciate what we teach them and even share it with their friends?

Reach out to men and women in your local jail. Pray for the 2.3 million prisoners in our country. Write a prisoner who needs a friend and mentor. Or partner with us to publish literature for the prisoners.

We are still a few thousand dollars short of printing the next issue of Loaves & Fishes. The last issue went out in November and our goal is still to publish one every three months.

Whether you feel led to pray or send a donation or visit some lonely soul in prison, we can all work together as a team. Let’s take advantage of these opportunities before the night comes when our work here will end.

For the Kingdom,

Lavern Gingerich