“Lifting the Lid” on More Bread and Fish

Loaves & Fishes

Feb 08

February 8, 2012

Praise the Lord! I have another milestone to report. We are finishing up editing and design on the next issue of Loaves & Fishes (volume 10, issue 1). The Lord is always faithful, and preparing this issue was no exception. Even when progress is slower and more difficult than we wish, we can rest assured God has a plan and His plan is always best.

The previous issue was mailed out the end of November. To reach our goal of a quarterly schedule, this new issue would have to go out by the end of this month, which means we should start printing now.

We still lack around $8,000 to move ahead with the printing. The total printing cost will be around $17,000. The postage will be another $9,000–10,000.

I am very grateful that you share the vision of publishing literature for those in prison. It is exciting to realize what has and can be done when we work together in the Kingdom of God.

Our vision for this issue is to help prisoners treasure the Bible and maintain a healthy spiritual diet. We have included writings to help our readers love, study, and appreciate the Scriptures, and realize that old Biblical principles, such as disciplining our children and forgiving our enemies, still work today.

If you would like to help financially, you can send your gift along with the enclosed donation card or send it to the address on the back of this sheet. Or you can eliminate some hassle by setting up a monthly sponsorship on our website.

Please join us in prayer for good progress with the printing and mailing of this issue. With your support, this issue will soon become reality.

For the Kingdom,
Lavern Gingerich

PS. This news story is from our February print newsletter. Click here for the PDF which also includes a peek preview of the new issue.