Loaves & Fishes Printing Update

Loaves & Fishes

Nov 02

The printing is finished for Loaves & Fishes volume 8, issue 2. Now it’s time to turn 1.36 million pieces of paper into 80,000 booklets!


  • 1.36 million pieces of paper
  • 6.4 tons of paper
  • 174.4 miles of paper
  • 50 pounds of ink
  • 2.5 miles of staple wire

Imagine 80,000 copies of Loaves & Fishes quietly influencing thousands of open hearts in prisons and jails across the USA.

Watch Darold print Loaves & Fishes volume 8, issue 2 on the web press:

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“Have been very depressed…”

“I found one of your Loaves & Fishes magazines and loved it very much.… It’s very, very good. I am a inmate here at Oakdale, and have been very depressed, but after reading the magazine, it lifted my spirits….

“I would like very much to get a subscription of this Loaves & Fishes magazine sent to me please. I have no money, but if I did I would love to make a donation.”

Anthony Dedrick • IMCC • Coralville, IA

The postage to mail this issue will cost around $15,000. Will you help us mail these Loaves & Fishes into the prisons, so they can go without delay?

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