Important Update: $304 – You = $303


Aug 27

If you’ve been following us during the last year, you know that our goal is to publish one issue of the Loaves & Fishes magazine every quarter.

We have discovered there is a tremendous opportunity to encourage and teach open hearts in prisons through reading material.

The devil and his workers are already using literature to influence the masses. Today we also have an open door to plant the seeds of God’s Word in the hearts of the masses in prison. In fact, they are begging us to.

Loaves & Fishes is already touching tens of thousands, but we see an urgent need to increase its impact by publishing more often. Our goal is to publish the magazine four times a year instead of only once.

As you’ve probably heard, we’re trying to build a team of partners who together can pledge to give $350/day. An increase of $350/day would cover the hard costs of publishing Loaves & Fishes four times per year.

So far official monthly sponsorships have grown to $46/day, which means we have $304 to go. We are sincerely grateful for these commitments.

One-time gifts are helpful and make up the bulk of our income now. However, monthly sponsorships create the dependable support stream that enables us to plan ahead and publish on a predictable schedule.

The needs in prison are great, the doors are wide open, and the night is coming when no man can work.

We are confident there must be 304 more people somewhere that want to partner with us in this goal.

Will you make this a matter of prayer and consider becoming a monthly partner with your gift of $1/day?

Click here to learn how you can give.

“I saw [Loaves & Fishes] and was deeply moved and inspired. Especially the article ‘Paid in Full’… Me being a new born Christian could really use that type of encouraging network in a place like this.”

Jamal Spence • ACI • Fairfax, SC

Quick Updates

  • It’s a blessing to have Darold back in the office again full-time. His greenhouse business is shut down until next year, so now he has a lot more time to work at Lighthouse. He does too much to list here, but his work includes processing mail from prisoners and maintaining the mailing list.
  • In the last months, Robert and Verba have cut back on their time commitment here. Robert works with a local construction crew to support his family, but they still support the work in their hearts and help with mailings, etc.
  • We are doing another small mailing of the most recent issue of Loaves & Fishes, which we published in January. There are 4,600 new single subscriptions that came in since we mailed out the first mailing of this issue.
  • We have some ministry presentations scheduled for October. Several churches in Missouri want us to come share. Presentations are a good way to raise awareness and build face-to-face relationships. If you know of a church or group of people that would like to learn more about Loaves & Fishes, let us know.
  • The next issue of Loaves & Fishes has been prepared for about six months now. It will take around $30,000 to publish this issue. After using some funds for promotional literature and overhead, we would have close to one-third of this amount left.

Let’s work together to touch more hearts in prison while it is day!

For the Kingdom,

Lavern Gingerich