A Change of Schedule. Disappointment?


Mar 20

Last month I wrote that we are wrapping up another issue of Loaves & Fishes for publication. We’ve finalized it now and it’s ready to go—except for funds to cover the printing costs.

I had high hopes of maintaining the quarterly schedule and publish another issue in April. I thought God would provide, that we had the support backing it up that we needed. I thought the donations would keep pouring in as they had been. Instead, donations have dropped so much that we are receiving only enough for an operating cushion to cover bills and overhead.

Even though our plans and dreams may be disappointed at times, we can be assured that God is in complete control. His plans are not disappointed. The Psalmist in deep distress comforts himself with this promise about God, “They cried to You and were delivered; they trusted in, leaned on, and confidently relied on You, and were not ashamed or confounded or disappointed” (Psalm 22:5, Amplified).

Please continue praying for this need. We need approximately $16,000 to get Loaves & Fishes printed and brought into our building. Will you partner with us and help us reach our goal of one issue of Loaves & Fishes every quarter?

“I would like to thank God for Lighthouse Publishing. With your help I found Jesus, and I want to learn more about Him.”

Waymon Gabriel Coleman

Mail Room Report

Robert and Verba are faithfully keeping up with incoming mail and requests in the mail room. It’s been about two months since we mailed the last issue of Loaves & Fishes in January, so the mail flow has slowed down, but it still takes commitment to keep up with all the reading, sorting, coordinating, and data entry that goes on there.

For Christ,
Lavern Gingerich