Another Printing of Loaves & Fishes Magazine


Aug 03

Dear Friend,

We have some exciting progress to share with you on the next issue of the Loaves & Fishes magazine.

Another Printing of Loaves & Fishes

Because of your help, we have enough money to move ahead with the printing of a new issue of Loaves & Fishes! We ordered close to $10,000 worth of paper, and it was delivered almost a couple weeks ago. The plates are made, and my Dad is printing! Please pray for him in the busy weeks ahead.

The postage to mail all these booklets will be somewhere close to $15,000. It looks like we can send a portion of this printing with the donations so far, but we are trusting the Lord to provide the rest of the postage to get these sent soon after they are printed.

Unloading Loaves & Fishes Paper

Unloading Loaves & Fishes Paper

Loaves & Fishes Paper Rolls

Loaves & Fishes Paper Rolls

An Open Door

The demand for Loaves & Fishes is still high and we get hundreds of letters from prisoners who seem open and hungry for truth. Prison chaplains express appreciation for the support this magazine offers their ministry. This is a wide open door for the church to help people who really want to walk with Jesus.

Please pray for Loaves & Fishes to prosper and the means to publish it more often. We see urgent spiritual needs that are not being met in the prisons of our country. But with God’s help and yours, we look forward to making a difference before the night comes!

For Christ,
Lavern Gingerich