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May 24

“I just need to know someone still cares…”


This is the heart cry of many inmates from prisons all across America. Some are victims of unfortunate circumstances. Many are in prison because of wrong choices leading to social crime. All of them are hungry souls crying out in desperation for a glimmer of hope in a dark world of rejection. Many have lost all contact with their families and friends. And the devil does his utmost to discourage them completely.

But praise God! Many inmates have turned to the Lord, finding a lasting hope and eternal refuge in Him! Through prison chaplains, church group efforts, and ministries such as Loaves & Fishes, the word of God is reaching the darkest corners of thousands of prisons all across America.

Still, hundreds are crying out for individual correspondence and discipleship. There is a tremendous opportunity to minister to souls and make an eternal difference by taking the time out of our busy schedules to write a prisoner and share the glory and grace of the Lord Jesus with them.

Perhaps it isn’t possible for you to personally visit prisoners. But writing is a splendid opportunity to do as Jesus taught in Matthew 25:36.

If you are interested, please email your request to me at mail@lighthousepublishing.org. (Or call or write us.) We will be glad to provide you with contact information and letters that prisoners wrote to us along with a list of guidelines for corresponding with inmates.

May God be glorified as you represent Him!

Robert Miller

“The Loaves & Fishes are such a blessing to the inmates….

I left 50 at the Rudd Unit in Brownfield, TX. Most of them were taken quickly by the 80+ offenders that attended the services.”
Don Castleberry
Freedom in Jesus Prison Ministries • Lubbock, TX

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