June 2022 Update: Issue #46 Shipped!


Jun 15

Summer is Here!

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights” (James 1:17a).

One of these good and perfect gifts from God is the season of summer. Not only is it a pleasant and beautiful time; it’s also a fruitful time of growth. We can endure the cold winters better knowing that summer will come. And here it is at last! Here in the Northeast, June weather is just as good as it gets. We look forward to the unfolding of beauty and fruitfulness in our lives and in our ministry, just as we see it occurring in the world around us. Praise God for His faithfulness.

Issue #46 Shipped

The bulk subscriptions of Loaves & Fishes issue #46 shipped on June 3. Single copies are going out this week. We are running about 4-6 weeks behind schedule due to a few weeks of waiting for funds to cover the cost of postage.

We prepared this mailing with a large group of over 40 volunteers working 3–4 hours. Thanks to everyone who has supported this printing and shipping project, which cost around $30,000.

As mentioned in our last newsletter, issue #46 is centered on the theme Jesus Christ. There is no message more central to Christianity and to our mission of making disciples. Jesus personally holds the answer to all our problems.

Issue #47 in Process

We are completing the content for issue #47, which will have the theme Salvation. It will be ready for editing soon. We look forward to shipping it later this year.

Bulk Mailing of Issue #46 at the USPS Distribution Center

Messages From Our Distributors

The backbone of our magazine distribution is the hundreds of prison chaplains and ministries who receive Loaves & Fishes in bulk and dispense them in prisons. Here is some of the feedback we receive from these dedicated men and women who minister to prisoners on a daily basis.

The inmates ask for this publication by name.
—Chaplain, Santa Fe, NM

Our Tehama County Jail inmates appreciate your work. They like the magazine.
—Chaplain, Red Bluff, CA

Men use it to pass difficult and lonely hours of incarceration.
—Chaplain, Columbia, SC

The inmates love receiving the booklets, and I believe some are now opening up to Christ and His teachings.
—Prison Outreach, San Bernardino, CA

The inmates look forward to each issue and share what they are studying with others.
—Chaplain, Mitchellville, IA

Many inmates have expressed how relevant the articles are, and the format and structure of the material is well put together.
—Chaplain, Victoria, VA

Our inmates ask for it regularly. We run out of every issue.
—Chaplain, Milledgeville, GA

I use the stories in your books to teach at times.
—Chaplain, Winchester, KY

It builds personal relationships between chaplain and inmates. The color format is well received by all but the most resistant.
—Chaplain, Anchorage, AK

Once again, I wish to thank all of our kind supporters for making it possible for us to spread the good news of Jesus and the Kingdom of God in the prisons of our nation.

Every dollar donated to our ministry typically provides for the publishing and distribution of 2–3 issues of our magazine. Even the smallest amount we receive is a blessing to someone!
—Mike Fisher, operations manager

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