Issue #45 Update & 2021 Reports


Feb 08

Issue #45 Shipped

Our human bodies are made up of many complex systems that we rarely think about. Without requiring conscious effort or thought, our heart pumps and the synapses of our nervous system fire away every moment of our lives. sometimes, however, something goes wrong that draws our attention to these vital processes. Similarly, logistics is a part of normal life that doesn’t draw much attention until it doesn’t work as it should!

We were delighted to see the shipment of issue #45 bulk subscriptions finally leave our warehouse on January 21. Due to delays in production and shipping availability, this issue was about a month late. We have since reached an arrangement with our local post office to deliver the bulk mail shipments directly to our regional USPS mail processing facility via a truck to which we have access.

This will eliminate the need for working with a third party on scheduling large shipments. Until now, we have depended on mail contractors to pick up the shipments at our warehouse. This change should mean that we can get our bulk subscriptions shipped a little more quickly going forward. Although this means we have to arrange a truck ourselves, we are glad to eliminate some of the shipping complications. Single copy subscriptions were mailed out earlier in the week. We deliver this presorted mailing directly to our local post office in mail trays.

We are grateful for the systems that help us deliver Loaves & Fishes magazine to our readers and distributors. We live in a fallen world, and our own bodies demonstrate this. But God is good to us, and we are grateful for the gift of life and the opportunity to provide another issue of the magazine to thousands of prison inmates.

Issue #46

Our next issue is nearing completion of the content creation stage. The theme will be Jesus Christ, and will focus on His life and example, teachings, and His roles as King and Intercessor. We would deeply appreciate your prayers and support for this project.

The cost of printing and shipping Loaves & Fishes issue #45 was around $27,250, or about 31¢ per copy with around 87,500 magazines shipped. Each issue represents challenges of effort and fundraising, and we thank all of you who generously remember us and the prisoners we serve.

Items Shipped in 2021

2021 Financial Report