April 2020 Update


May 23

Issue #40 Mailed

Volunteers prepare issue 125,000 copies of issue #40 for shipment

It is beautiful springtime once again, but with the fear of COVID-19 gripping the country, it’s easy to miss the signs of new life. Across the nation, many inmates are on lockdown.

One inmate wrote to me the other day, refusing to mention the virus by name because he was so sick of hearing about it. Thousands of human beings in close proximity is a worst-case scenario for the spread of
contagious diseases. The fear is real.

It was a joy to send out the 40th issue of Loaves & Fishes in March. A group of volunteers from Christian Light Fellowship in Bedford, PA helped us prepare the shipment for mailing.

Little did we know as the 125,000 magazines went out the door that major sectors of the world economy were just days from shutting down due to a deadly, invisible threat to human life. Our hope is that many inmates on lockdown were able to receive a copy to read while quarantined.

Thank you to all of our supporters. Your gifts are making a di?erence in the lives of the men and women who are reading Loaves & Fishes in their
cells today.