July 2019 Loaves & Fishes Report


Jul 02

Issue #38 Mailing

On May 20, we processed the mailing of Loaves & Fishes issue #38. Our local staff, along with 23 energetic volunteers from St. Thomas Christian Fellowship in Chambersburg, PA, prepared 118,000 copies for pickup by the USPS in several hours’ time. We enjoyed a meal and fellowship afterward.

The larger orders are shipped out in the 150-count cases in which we receive them from the printer. Less than full case quantities are repackaged into smaller boxes or envelopes. This mailing, the Media Mail postage for a case of 150 magazines was $10.55. The approximate cost of printing and shipping this issue was $30,000, or about 25¢ per magazine. This cost included ordering an extra 10,000 magazines for inventory to fulfill new orders.

It is always a blessing to see the work and donations of so many people produce a tangible result. Watching the mail truck pull out loaded with tons of spiritual food for prison inmates across our country is our moment of “casting our bread upon the waters.” After “many days,” may we find that our investment has produced a precious return in many hearts. May God bless you for your support!

Issue 39 Preview

The theme of the upcoming issue of Loaves & Fishes is faithfulness, the next in the list of the fruits of the Spirit from Galatians 5. It will feature an editorial on faith and faithfulness and an article with practical ways to be faithful. The Bible study guide will highlight the book of Ecclesiastes.

We are reprinting an article titled “Facing Death in the Family” by John Coblentz, and several other inspirational pieces and stories. As always, there will be a selection of poems and testimonies submitted by readers in prison.

The printing of issue 38 has depleted our funds on hand. We hope to raise $20,000 for the printing followed by $10,000 for the shipping in order to meet our goal of shipping the next issue in August. Please pray for us as we finish up the production of this issue, and for funds to be provided.

2020 Calendar Project

In past years, Lighthouse Publishing has produced a small calendar card for some of our larger distributors to give to their inmates. These 3.5” x 8.5” glossy cards have a year-long calendar on the front, and a description of Loaves & Fishes magazine on the back with instructions on how to subscribe.

Front of Calendar Card

We receive a lot of positive feedback from our distributors and from the inmates about how much they love this seemingly insignificant gift. A calendar to check off the days is something a prison inmate truly appreciates.

Last year, we produced 40,000 calendar cards at a cost of $2,800, including printing, design, and shipping, an approximate cost of 7¢ each. Our funding goal for this year’s calendar project is $2,800. If you would like to help, please earmark your donation “calendars.”

If we do not meet the goal by September 30, we will forgo the calendar project this year and the funds will be used for Loaves & Fishes magazine.

-Mike Fisher, Board Chairman