Issue 25 Progress

Loaves & Fishes

Dec 11

We are excited to announce that the funds have come in for printing Loaves & Fishes Issue 25! As it stands now, we will print 95,000 copies and the cost will be close to $15,000.

L&F-25-Cover, 3d Stack

This issue isn’t quite ready to print, but we hope to send it to press before the holidays, and the books should arrive shortly after the first of the year.

We estimate the postage will cost around $6,200. Our goal is to have enough funds to mail all the subscriptions by the time the books arrive so we can mail them promptly. So far we have a couple thousand dollars to put toward postage, but it will take at least another $4,000.

In this issue, our burden is to inspire our readers to be genuine followers of Christ. In the editorial, I challenge our readers to grow deep roots in their private life, drawing lessons from the woes Jesus pronounced on the Pharisees in Matthew 23. Michael Fisher has an article on how the Bible is a mirror, showing us how God sees us. “Traits of the Self-Life” contains practical challenges for putting off self and living in the Spirit.

Also in the mix are all the regular columns, including puzzles, Pursuit of Godly Seed, Science in Creation, and a diverse selection of poems and testimonies from prisoners. A new column is a basic Bible study guide, starting with the book of Matthew.

I sense the Lord’s direction and help in this issue. Without His help, this ministry would be pointless; by His grace, I am really enthused about Issue 25 and getting it into the hands of the prisoners soon.

Pray for this to happen smoothly. If you can help with the finances, send your gift to our Pennsylvania address on the back of this newsletter.

For the Kingdom,
Lavern Gingerich




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“I am very thankful that a magazine like yours is available in such a negative environment. Please send me a free subscription, so I can enjoy your positive messages in your magazine.”
Michael Smith • Hays State Prison, GA