Gifts for the Forgotten

Loaves & Fishes

Nov 29

Today marks an exciting milestone for us. Another issue of Loaves & Fishes magazine (09/01) is out the door. The mail truck picked up the entire shipment this morning, and the books are headed for hundreds of prisons and jails across the USA. Praise the Lord!

It is rewarding to see Loaves & Fishes go into the prisons again. We work hard to make every issue of Loaves & Fishes a genuine work of love for the prisoners. My prayer is that each one who reads this issue would feel God’s touch and sense the gift of His love in a personal way.

For many people, December is a cozy time of the year with extra focus on family time, special food, and gifts. At the same time, many prisoners in our country feel lonely and would give a lot to be home again, to snuggle with their children on the couch or share some hot chocolate with their spouse. A gift of love, a touch of home, would mean more than words can tell.

On behalf of these forgotten ones, I would like to thank you for partnering with us to send Loaves & Fishes into the prisons. This gift is only possible because of your prayers and financial support.

The postage for this mailing is paid, and we have some money left to operate with. We are preparing the next issue and aim to have it ready around the first of the year. We’re hoping for an increase in donations through the end of the year, making it possible to print another issue soon. Working together and following the Lord’s leading, our goal is to eventually have funds to increase from one issue a year to four.

Please pray for future printings of Loaves & Fishes. We need ongoing wisdom and inspiration to prepare them and the finances to publish them.

As you enjoy your loved ones this holiday season, take some time to remember the forgotten ones. Your prayers and support do make a difference.

For the Kingdom,

Lavern Gingerich