Plans and Progress


May 31

Our purpose for publishing the “Loaves & Fishes Report” is to provide a place where we can report to our partners the things which the Lord has done with us  (Acts 15:4) as well as plans for future projects. We desire to be transparent and accountable to those who support the work in gifts and in prayer.

Staff Updates

Robert and Verba are doing a fine job with the requests in the mailroom. They share the burden of the ministry and have decided to stay here indefinitely. Robert has taken on a part-time job to support his family. They are not living off the donations you send, but are freely giving the time they spend here. We are deeply grateful for their support.

My wife and I also enjoy volunteering here and carry a burden for the prisoners in our country. I normally try to be at Lighthouse two weeks every month. I often sense a need for more wisdom and strength in the work, but the Lord gives us grace and fulfillment as we serve Him here.

Anthony Hertzler from Oklahoma is still working for us part-time by the hour. His editorial and writing skills are truly an answer to prayer.

Exciting Publications

We are preparing a printed version of our ministry presentation similar to what we share in churches. This full-color booklet will introduce potential partners to Lighthouse Publishing. It explains the vision on which Lighthouse is founded, the needs and open door in prison, how Loaves & Fishes is helping to meet that need, and how others can partner with us.

Next is 3 Marks of an Effective Missionary, which draws examples from the life of Christ, encouraging readers to live for the cause of God’s Kingdom, work before the night comes, and enjoy the nourishment that God gives His workers.

Both these publications will be distributed free of charge. They will also form the basis of info packs designed to introduce the work of Lighthouse and recruit new partners to help us reach our goal of making Loaves & Fishes a quarterly magazine.

These tools will be freely available to existing supporters for distribution among their friends, families, and church groups.

It will likely take at least several thousand dollars to print and distribute this literature. Please pray for the wisdom we need to be faithful stewards in all these projects.

For Christ,
Lavern Gingerich

Recent Prisoner Feedback

“Could I please have a subscription to Loaves & Fishes? The few copies sent to the chapel disappear quickly.”
Gary Field

“I am writing to subscribe to your ministry in literature. It’s very uplifting to me. And I’m sure others feel the same.
“Blessings are spread throughout the country for what you do. And if no one else has said it, allow me to be the first to say Thanks!”
Reginald Malone • LLC • Lincoln, IL

“I enjoyed reading Loaves & Fishes so much I am glad you have made it possible for us as prisoners to receive it. It’s wonderful.”
Tina Bryant • Federal Medical Center Satellite Camp•Lexington, KY